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Installation stand with pills 60 x 25 x 22 cm




The phenomenon in which a patient shows improvement while going through a fake treatment is called a Placebo. Common simulated intervention refers to inert concoctions (pills) namely a substance without any real action for the problem that the patient is facing without the patient knowing that it is actually inert. This is the phenomenon of autosuggestion, during which the patient takes a drug believing it would help him and because of this belief and only he shows improvement.

Through the work "The phenomenon of the white blouse" the concepts of suggestion and autosuggestion are examined in relation with science and advertising, the installation consists of an advertising stand of a pharmaceutical company with the artist's name (Karvounis pharmaceuticals company), while pills with healing properties are advertised, such as the Humor pills: that "increase the sense of humor", Braininess: improve intelligence and broaden perception, etc.

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