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Video installation - three synchronized video projections, colour, sound, duration 04min.




Man according to René Descartes is a complex creature composed of body and soul or (body and mind) as two different situations. It is a viewpoint interwoven with the fear of death, with the hope for an after death existence in another world. In dreams we have the impression that we are moving into another world and that there we are cut off from our body. Furthermore it connects with more sophisticated phenomena, such as hypnosis, ecstatic experiences, meditation and visionary experiences. It is linked to common phenomena of human life that create a sense of mystery and cause us confusion and embarrassment.

The work of "Superman" is a reference to the project "Narcoturism" of 1997 of the artist Francis Alÿs negotiating the meaning of ecstasy as a case of dualism that brings division and confusion, examining the correlation between body, soul and of the conscious, unconscious as states of consciousness. The installation consists of three video projections that alternate amongst them. It is a material from recordings of an ecstatic state with artificial means, which consists of the following images: eye, heart ultrasound as well as body temperature and in sounds: heart beats, breaths and grit of teeth.

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