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HD Video, single-channel, colour, duration 02min 45sec "loop".  Videostill




The subliminal messages are the stimuli presented to people below the limits of consciousness that is in the subconscious and can influence the thoughts, the behavior and even people's decisions. N. Dixon in his Preconscious Processing book (Wiley 1981), argues that the meaning of a subconscious stimulus is processed by the man-receiver even when the stimulus does not lead to a conscious experience, the results of such processing can affect self-conscious perceptual or mnemonic procedures. The subliminal messages are not perceived and have been widely used in advertising, are messages that can be emitted visually or audibly through any medium of mass communication.

The work "I sell my portrait" has as basic references the market researcher James Vicary with the well known experiment during a movie in 1956 "drink Coca-Cola & eat pop-corn",  and also the British artist Keith Arnatt with the project "Trouser-word piece 1972". The video shows the artist's self-portrait using subliminal messages with words like "Buy it", "I am the best artist" and more. By using an unfair advertising practice posing himself as a promotional product but also with a clear mood for ironic self-depreciation.

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