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RUN RUN !!! , No more. 2022

Video, single-channel, colour, sound, duration 03min 09sec.   Videostills




In ancient Greek history, philosophers, poets and melodists through myths, had captured concepts, which concern human behavior. The Tragic Playwright Aeschylus, through the work Eumenides of the Oresteia trilogy, conveys through the Erinyes the feeling of guilt. In psychology, according to Freud, guilt is the result of unconscious intrapsychic conflicts between the Superego and the Ego. The superego represents our moral consciousness, questioning the morality of a person's instinctive desires, resulting in feelings of guilt and shame. In the social context the individual is dominated by moral rules, which he learns and internalizes from his childhood. Guilt is a term we can associate with the voice of conscience. It is a feeling that is created when a person's behaviors and desires are contrary to their moral principles and in many cases to moral principles imposed by the respective society, against the individual's desires.

The project 'RUN RUN !!! , No more' has key influences and references on one hand to the  Playwright Aeschylus ,and on the other to the field of psychology and Freudian views. The purpose of the work, through a condition of performance filming, is to raise and convey concepts and feelings, such as guilt, remorse, obsession and fear.



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