Artist Statement: Vasilis Karvounis is working with visual arts using mostly video art through various practices. Apart from filming his work, one of his usual practices is composing or meddling with already prepared material with which he has been familiarized online, in order to create new narrative suggestions. He deals with the concepts of ecstasy, illusion and internal disunity. He has an interest for divisive situations of the mind as well as the relations and the contrasts between the conscious and the unconscious, playing with the limits between the rational and the irrational. He also works with the concepts of suggestion and auto-suggestion; he is interested in the imposition of ideas or emotions through external and internal factors as situations of shaping and changing consciences. In his work there are influences from and references to the fields of psychology, philosophy and, more widely, art. Curriculum Vitae Was born in 1982 in Athens. Education: - 2011-2012 Fine Arts Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
- 2012-2017, BA School of Fine Arts of Athens. Residencies: Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam (NL) 2014. Solo exhibitions: “Real and unreal” Het Wilde Weten Project Space, Rotterdam (NL) 2014. Group exhibitions & festivals: 2016 - New Short Film Festival at UNCG, Jackson Library Digital Media Commons, Greensboro North Carolina (USA), curated by Paula Damasceno. - Dada Lives! UCBA Art Gallery, Cincinnati Ohio (USA), curated by H. Michael Sanders. 2015 - Streetlight "Projection Series", Roman Susan Art Space, Chicago (USA). - 4th International Video Poetry Festival, +the Institute for Experimental Arts, Theatre Embros Athens, (GR). - 7th Cairo Video Festival, Medrar for Contemporary Art (EG). - "Watch my face to read my thoughts", Texas State University School of Art & Design, curated by Expanded Media presents, Texas (USA). -"Modern Panic VII", Apiary Studios London (UK), curated by James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo presents. - Bideodromo International Experimental Film and Video Festival, BilbaoArte Bilbao (ES). - Art Video International, Public screenings Independence Square Netanya Tel Aviv (ISR), curated by Ynin Shillo & Irit Shillo. - Leap Second Festival, online exhibition (NO). - V_Kunst VII, “ich bleibe” Galerie Greulich & Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt am Main (DE), curated by Andreas Greulich & Christoph von Löw. - “Bright Shadow” The Morgue Space Chelsea College of Arts London (UK), curated by Kyle Chung. 2014 - 27th Festival Les Instants Vidéo Numériques et Poétiques “Pour une libre circulation des corps et des désirs” la Friche la Belle de Mai, Marseille (FR). - VideoBardo, V Festival International de VideoPoesia, Escuela de Arte Leopoldo Marechal, Buenos Aires (ARG). - Athens International Short Film Festival “Psarokokalo 8th ISFF” (GR). - “Fenêtre sur Rue Athènes-Rouen”, Gallery Martainville a I’esADHar campus de Rouen (FR), curated by Jason Karaindros. 2013 - Strp Meets Discovery Salon Festival, Strijp-S terrein, Eindhoven (NL). - Tent Academies Awards 2013, Tent Rotterdam (NL) & Netherlands Institute Athens (GR), curated by Marina Fokidi & Nikos Navridis. Awards: Tent Academies Awards 2013, (Award for the best foreign film) Tent Rotterdam (NL).
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